Director work in Mexico: La Distancia Entre Nosotros

Glad to collaborate with Huitzil Danza Teatro in Mexico.
We made a five weeks project “La Distancia Entre Nosotros” and performed in Centro Cultural Constitución and Foro de Arte y Cultura on 4 June and 10 June 2021.

La Distancia Entre Nosotros is inspired during the pandemic situation and transformed into an adventure:

Once in a lifetime, Hehebo is going to have the Lunana ceremony on the super-full moon night.
When all the Hehebo are excited with that, the Lunana is disappeared and trigger a disasters.
Om decided to take the adventure and save the Hehebo.
There are lots of dangerous, can he save Hehebo?

And how much does he need to scarify for that?

It’s a show for child and teens, wish we can bring it to other festival after the pandemic.

Recommended by media:

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Theatre-creator / Film-maker / Designer / Educator / Organizer HongKongese and base in Mexico, love collaboration with people. ig:la_yukito

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