Directed metal music video “YOU” in Mexico

Director: Yukko Chan Yu Kwan
Music: Saúl Franco Hernández
Performers: Nayeli Estrada, David Venegas Norzagaray, Andrea
Production Assistance: Diego Lyric

Lyric of “YOU”:
Having one shot in this life
You can not fail
Nothing is in vain
If you are prepare to fight
Tasting the bad reputation
They are scared
They don’t really care
About your frustration
We’re going to the war
Facing all the days
The glory is not so far away
You, facing the world
You, never give up
This life is only for you
Standing in the ground
Rise your hand
Craving for freedom
Starving for reason
People don’t understand
Crying to the sky
Yearming for peace
Feeling the heart
Screaming so hard
We’re ready to die

Published by yukkoarts

Theatre-creator / Film-maker / Designer / Educator / Organizer HongKongese and base in Mexico, love collaboration with people. ig:la_yukito

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