about Yukko Chan 陳裕君

Director / creative writer / performer / art educator /
project organizer / marketing planner / designer / life explorer

Artistic director of myVoice since 2013.
Using art to voice out and connect with community.

Invited to Korea, Taiwan, France, England, Nepal, China, Bolivia and Mexico, etc.
as a director, writer, creative performer, guest speaker and workshop tutor.

A Hongkongese base in Mexico now, recent projects:

  • Director of film project <Ma!> & <The Cycle> Mexico, 2022
  • Director of theatre project <The battle of Mum> Mexico, 2022
  • Invited guest of <FICUS> Colombia, 2022
  • Director of documentary <The Darkness in Mexico> 2021
  • Director of theatre project <La Distancia Entre Nosotros> 2021
  • Invited guess of <Encuentro Internacional De Artes Escenicas – Lima> Peru, 2020
  • Invited guest of <SIPA Virtual Festival Committee 2020> Indonesia, 2020
  • Invited performer of <Arts For Resilience Online Festival: Playback Theatre> Hong Kong, 2020
  • Invited guest of <Festival de Artes Escenicas, Percusion y Armonia> Bolivia, 2020


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