Directed Dance film – The Cycle (Trailer)

“The Cycle” is inspired by a poem “O Me! O Life!” by Walt Whitman Director: Yu Kwan Yukko Chan Cinematographer: Demian Flores Assistant Director: Rebecca Herández Behind the scene: Alek García Choreographer: Guillermo Naranjo Dancers: América López Cinthya Agredano Diego Vox Guillermo Naranjo Omar Gabiño

Dance film – The Cycle

After two months preparation, we have finished the production of the dance film – The Cycle. Thanks for the great team! Director: Yukko Chan Yu KwanCinematographer: Demian FloresMaking of: Alek GarcíaAssistant Director: Rebecca HernándezChoreographer: Guillermo NaranjoDancer: América López / Omar Gabiño / Guillermo Naranjo / Cinthya Agredano / Lizeth Herrera / DiegoProduction supported by: MalcriadosContinue reading “Dance film – The Cycle”

My directed theatre show – “The Battle of Mum”

Finished The International Theatre Project – From Hong Kong to Mexico 2022 “The Battle Of Mum” Teatro X Música X Danza – Basada en historias reales 27 de Mayo en el Centro Cultural Constitución, Zapopan, Mexico29 de Mayo en el Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, Guadalajara, Mexico Thanks for interviewing us, to share with more audience.Continue reading “My directed theatre show – “The Battle of Mum””

Mum can be sexy

Being a mum need to face a lot of challenges.She’s easy to lose her own identity. Mum is not only a mum.Mun can be sexy too. Eight different types & shapes performers revealing the diversity of women, mum is full of possibilities. 29 de mayo, 2022 6pmTeatro Jaime Torres Bodet

Theatre X Music X Dance

¡Mamá puede encontrar todo!¡Mamá puede con todo!¡Mamá es una supermujer! ¡No! ¡no podemos.! Ocho niñas acaban de convertirse en mamás, los grandes cambios de la vida las hicieron colapsar.Perdieron sus identidades, no pueden recuperarse, quieren luchar por su tiempo para sí mismos.Aléjarce de la depresión y la soledad.Todo basado en historias realesesta es una preguntaContinue reading “Theatre X Music X Dance”

Próximamente! Our upcoming music theatre show – The Battle Of Mum

The International Theatre Project – From Hong Kong to Mexico 2022“The Battle Of Mum” – Teatro X Música X Danza – Basada en historias reales So excited to announce that our music theatre show is upcoming!Lots of mum are suffering during the pandemic situation, they collapsed, felt powerless and got lost.So, I started to orgnaizeContinue reading “Próximamente! Our upcoming music theatre show – The Battle Of Mum”

Behind the scene: La Distancia Entre Nosotros

Theatre project in Mexico 2021 “La Distancia Entre Nosotros”Performed Venue: Constitution Cultural Center & Foro de Arte y Cultura Producer: Karla PantojaDirector: Yukko ChanMuisc Composer: Saúl Franco HernándezActors:David NorzagarayLuis Manuel AzpeitiaOmar GabiñoGuillermo NaranjoAmérica LópezCinthya AgredanoErick EstradaCynthia SepúlvedaLizeth HerreraTranslator: Ana Castillo

Bolivia X Hong Kong – International Theatre Project: La Eleccion

Director:Yukko Chan Yu Kwan Stage Manager:Tsui Ka Lok Musicians:Saúl Franco HernándezRhobess Pierre Performers:Dana Patricia Alvarez ChuquimiaNatalio Mamani QuirogaNicole Alisson Terrazas RamírezEva Amparo Mollinedo CuelloKaren Aguilar BarrosLuis Diego Cuentas JemioClaudia Aliaga HerreraFernando Mijail CondoriLenin Chamcay Special Thanks:Jimmy Gira AngeloCorporación Quijotadas Bolivia

Directed metal music video “YOU” in Mexico

Director: Yukko Chan Yu KwanMusic: Saúl Franco Hernández Performers: Nayeli Estrada, David Venegas Norzagaray, Andrea Production Assistance: Diego Lyric Lyric of “YOU”:Having one shot in this lifeYou can not failNothing is in vainIf you are prepare to fightTasting the bad reputationThey are scaredThey don’t really careAbout your frustrationWe’re going to the warFacing all the daysTheContinue reading “Directed metal music video “YOU” in Mexico”