Mum can be sexy

Being a mum need to face a lot of challenges.She’s easy to lose her own identity. Mum is not only a mum.Mun can be sexy too. Eight different types & shapes performers revealing the diversity of women, mum is full of possibilities. 29 de mayo, 2022 6pmTeatro Jaime Torres Bodet

Próximamente! Our upcoming music theatre show – The Battle Of Mum

The International Theatre Project – From Hong Kong to Mexico 2022“The Battle Of Mum” – Teatro X Música X Danza – Basada en historias reales So excited to announce that our music theatre show is upcoming!Lots of mum are suffering during the pandemic situation, they collapsed, felt powerless and got lost.So, I started to orgnaizeContinue reading “Próximamente! Our upcoming music theatre show – The Battle Of Mum”

Directed metal music video “YOU” in Mexico

Director: Yukko Chan Yu KwanMusic: Saúl Franco Hernández Performers: Nayeli Estrada, David Venegas Norzagaray, Andrea Production Assistance: Diego Lyric Lyric of “YOU”:Having one shot in this lifeYou can not failNothing is in vainIf you are prepare to fightTasting the bad reputationThey are scaredThey don’t really careAbout your frustrationWe’re going to the warFacing all the daysTheContinue reading “Directed metal music video “YOU” in Mexico”