Dance film – The Cycle

After two months preparation, we have finished the production of the dance film – The Cycle. Thanks for the great team! Director: Yukko Chan Yu KwanCinematographer: Demian FloresMaking of: Alek GarcíaAssistant Director: Rebecca HernándezChoreographer: Guillermo NaranjoDancer: América López / Omar Gabiño / Guillermo Naranjo / Cinthya Agredano / Lizeth Herrera / DiegoProduction supported by: MalcriadosContinue reading “Dance film – The Cycle”

My directed theatre show – “The Battle of Mum”

Finished The International Theatre Project – From Hong Kong to Mexico 2022 “The Battle Of Mum” Teatro X Música X Danza – Basada en historias reales 27 de Mayo en el Centro Cultural Constitución, Zapopan, Mexico29 de Mayo en el Teatro Jaime Torres Bodet, Guadalajara, Mexico Thanks for interviewing us, to share with more audience.Continue reading “My directed theatre show – “The Battle of Mum””

Mum can be sexy

Being a mum need to face a lot of challenges.She’s easy to lose her own identity. Mum is not only a mum.Mun can be sexy too. Eight different types & shapes performers revealing the diversity of women, mum is full of possibilities. 29 de mayo, 2022 6pmTeatro Jaime Torres Bodet

We are a team

來到韓國,全部人等了我超過十小時,而Nila第一句說的是「Hello! I’m Nila. We are a team, we must wait for you.No worry!」那刻,我很感動。 我在安東的第一個星期,我學到的是團隊精神。 我一直認為團隊精神是為了團隊想盡辦法、用最快的方法去完成一件事或解決問題,最後我多是選擇自己熬夜完成!來到安東,我發現自己一直以來太急進、習慣了馬上完成。 Nila常常提著We are a team!原來Team是一起去做一件事。 當我們打算將Mask Dance Tee修剪一下時,她們說很累,明天剪。 我說我先剪,效果滿意明天再一起剪。然後Nila說We are a team!大家就馬上一起剪了。 原來團隊是一起行動。 我終於明白為何一個人會走得很快,而一班人會走得很遠了。 這半年,我有更多需要學習的地方。