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Hi! I’m Yukko Chan. I have been doing creative works in my whole life. From theatre creator, filmmaker to designer and educators. I worked locally and internationally. I love sharing with people and accompanying community with arts. Probably that’s why I love UX Design and get into this industry, I wish using my technique to make a better life for people.

2022 / Online ticketing app

Design Goals

Lux Theatre is a traditional cinema in Hong Kong. They don’t have any online ticketing platform, it’s really inconvenience for the busy Hong Kong people to line up for buying ticket. So we are creating a new app to help users selecting the movies and buying the ticket easily.

User research summary

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was house-wife who has a tight schedule but still want to spend quality time with her family in cinema.

The user group confirmed initial assumption about Lux Theatre’s customers, but research also revealed that time was not the only factor limiting users from going to cinema. Other problem included too many movies choices, they are frustrating about which one is good and worth to watch in cinema.

After the user research, I summarized their pain points:

House-wife’s schedule is always tight, they doesn’t want to spend time too much time to line up for buying movie ticket.

In Hong Kong, house wife mainly buying groceries without car, so they always carry a lots,
this made them more difficult to line up for ticket.

There are too many movie selections, it’s difficult for them to choose which movie is
suitable for their kids or family.

I continues more usability studies and bring a better user flow.

Lux Theatre satisfied the users needs, help saving time and motivate them to cinema.

One quote from the feedback:
“I can now buy the movie tickets while I’m having lunch nearby with my son! So, our schedule can be more flexible!”

What I learned:
Designing Lux Theatre app help me to see the needs from the community. When we talked about movies, we are easy to have bias to think about target group is teenager or couple, but having a diverse usability study, help me to see the real needs from housewife. I learnt how to put down my bias and listen to the community

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